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                icon-casinonight.gif (1064 bytes)        THE NEW SONIC PROJECT    icon-chemicalplant.gif (1149 bytes)

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                   sonianm.gif (2753 bytes)  SONIC  2 The Gold Edition pa-super.gif (3960 bytes)

      shoes.gif (306 bytes)    It's back and more improved than ever. Sonic 2 "The Gold Edition", is a better version of Sonic 2. This time, Sonic is adventuring through the original Sonic 2 zones, plus never before seen zones. The game also features the "lost levels" of Sonic 2 that Sega created, but never released. The game will cost  around $22.95 for all jam-packed zones, music,  all new Special and Bonus levels, plus 2 cd's including a cool Sonic bonus game.

                The game also includes;

                        -35 zones

                       -20 all new bonus stages and special stages

                       -Play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Amy Rose in the zones.

                       -or team up with any other character!

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           You might be farmilliar with Wood Zone, from the Sonic 2 Beta game. This is an interesting level. Race through trees, and swing on huge vines. The boss in this zone is very tricky!

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            What are you waiting for? The bridge is complete. Or would you like to jump to the                     next floor? As you can see, the zone is good enough to play!

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                                                                   Sonic is heading for the goal!

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            Suprising. An Act 2 finally. Watch for the boss, though, Robotnik will appear in the most unexpected place in Wood Zone, 2. Here, there is a lot of pitfalls, and ramps. Use the vines to avoid the pits, and also beware for Robotnik's appearance!

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                                I can only show 2 levels now, because the game  is still being                              developed.




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                                             Radix Run Zone is my favorite. In this zone, you race

                                      through tubes, conveyor belts, and shaft, to find Robotnik

                                      and the emeralds.

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                                               click here to view the zones

                    Any questions about this exciting game,

                    just e-mail me. bcharles1@yahoo.com or Miles Prower at   sega_nomad@hotmail.com .

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                                            WHO'S IN ON THE PROJECT?

                                        sega man (me, b.j.);

                                         miles prower (ron);

                                         rocket (damian);

                                         ultra mike (mike);



                      and if there is anyone who is working on the

            project that i missed, let me know as soon as possible







                                           Thanks to Simon Wai for the cool Sonic icons, and pics.....